21. srp 2012.


Dear statin victims:

A deadly drug is being prescribed to 200 million people.

A new book contains indisputable proof that statins are fungal toxins 
that kill cells by blocking DNA and cell replication. This direct effect 

develops into "side effects".

Statins cause cholesterol to leave the blood and enter cells. This 
can also be deadly to cells, organs and the body.

Statin developers knew that statins were toxic to normal cells many years before the FDA approved them in 1987. The lies, corruption 
and conspiracy that brought them to market is ALL explained (names, dates, faces and places). 

Physicians can be held responsible for malpractice for prescribing statins. Ignorance is not an acceptable defense.

Get informed. Then bring this book to your attorney if you have been injured.Big tobacco lost civil suits for FAILURE TO WARN and FRAUD.  If you 
were warned that statins would block your normal cells from replicating, would you have taken them? 
Click the book cover (below) for excerpts from "How Statins Really Lower Cholesterol And Kill You One Cell at a Time":


Hannah Yoseph, MD


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